Monday, February 20, 2006

Delifrance @ Greenbelt 1

Delifrance is one of the staple food during meetings at my previous work. Having lunch there is reminiscent of long hours doing ad copies and endless revisions of newsletters and print ads.

On our lunch there, I had their Baked Pasta. Always a top choice for me, partnered with their cool and refreshing Orange Juice. Their food, whether pasta or sandwiches, are great for lunches or heavy snacks.

This particular outlet, though, is old and has that musty smell to it. Much like going in an antique shop rather than a deli store. Their interior is quite nice, much like a country house and they have a waterfalls wall outside.
All in all, if you have that Italian craving, Delifrance is a runner-up. - Lean

I like Delifrance's food. My two favorites: Chicken Mushroom Linguine (which I ordered for lunch this time) and their Supreme Cheese Roll.
For their Chicken Mushroom Linguine, I love the taste and the portion, not too big and not too small - just perfect for my appetite. Their Supreme Cheese Roll is quite good. Very cheesy, hence the "supreme" in the name. Whenever my sister-in-law and I were out shopping, Delifrance's Supreme Cheese Roll was always a good choice for mid-shopping snacks. Their orange juice is also good. Don't know if it's freshly squeezed orange juice but it sure does taste like it.

The bad thing about this trip to Delifrance? The place itself. The Greenbelt 1 Branch is very old. Looks old, smells old.. it's old. Lean's right, it has this really musty smell that just irritates your nose when you walk in to their place. It smells like my grandmother's old closet. The place was also very rundown -- torn seat covers, broken wood panellings, dripping aircons and wobbly sticky marble-top tables.

Thumbs up for the food and quick service but thumbs down (way down) for the interiors and ambience.
-- Leigh

Delifrance is one of my favorite restaurants, but the Delifrance in Greenbelt 1 leaves much to be desired. As the girls already mentioned earlier, the place is decrepit. There were ants crawling alongside the bar and in the utensils area (not even black ants, but red ones!). The seats were ratty and worn, and don't even get me started on the feel and texture of the tables. Terribly disappointing ambience for the food.

The food, however, is still topnotch. I ordered a similar dish to Lean's: baked pasta that was both flavorful and hot. The garlic bread could have been a wee bit softer; there is such a thing as too crunchy.

Will I go back? Most probably, but it won't be on a regular basis. With Piadina a few steps away, I know there's access to quality pastas without sacrificing the eating experience. - Ganns


houseband00 said...

My two cents for Delifrance is that it has an identity crisis. Where's the Fois gras de canard Maison and the Salad de mache-betterave? Joke!=D

Seriously, I totally agree with you guys that their pasta dishes and pastries are quite excellent. I always grab a ham and cheese croissant to go if I'm in a rush.

Tina Elaine said...

french inspired place. needs a little renovation though :) the dishes i find a little bland. i love their all natural orange juice though :)

Leigh said...

They're struggling between being a fast-food place and a fine dining restaurant. After all, when you think of french cuisine you always picture cloth covered tables with gleaming silverware. And the wine of course! ;) Actually, they have set meals with glasses of wine. Struggling!