Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Flamers Greenbelt

Second stop...Flamers...
Choosing from a wide array of American food - from cajun chicken fingers to "flaming" burgers - one has to really make the right choice.

I've chosen the Cajun Chicken Fingers. First and foremost, I'm a perpetual chicken fanatic, so I did like their version. Secondly, the fries aren't bad. I actually love their fries, with a sprinkling of what I'm assuming is some kind of a cajun pepper. Thirdly and probably what I despised amongst everything, is their supposedly "coleslaw" has a really weird taste to it. I don't think vinegar "dressing" should be considered coleslaw.

All in all, it is still a recommendable place to eat (on my end, that is). Prices aren't particulary high and the feel of eating at an outdoor patio makes it all worthwhile. - Lean

"Flamers is one of those restaurants where the quality can be really good - and really bad. It's the inconsistency of this otherwise enjoyable restaurant in the Greenbelt area that serves as its major flaw, and one of the reasons why dining there regularly is not on any of our menus.

"The Chicken Fingers we ordered were adequate, flavorful and fresh, and the French fries were delicious, but cabbage in vinegar does not qualify as coleslaw, and the buttered vegetables were woefully inadequate.

"Overall, a passable experience, but I don't see myself returning to Flamers unless other restaurants at which I wish to dine are full. Chances of that during lunch hour are good, so Flamers can thank its lucky stars for that.
- Ganns

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Tina Elaine said...

i love flamer's barbecue sauce. :)