Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shakeys @ Greenbelt 1


Oh how I love your potato mojos, creamy corn soup, chicken and pasta.

For today, I had all of the above! :) Takaw me...

Shakey's has been a favorite diner for me ever since my college days. I remember the times when me and my friends would just let the time pass by there, bottomless mugs of iced tea at hand, waiting for our next class. Of course, this was a different outlet altogether.

What can I say. I simply love it until today. - Lean
Shakey's will always be a memorable place for The Brunch Club because it is where the idea was first discussed and acted upon. Over the pizza and pasta we listed down all the restos in the area where we'd like to eat (and review as it turns out!).

Anyway like then, I ordered thin-crust Pepperoni Crunch. Yummy as always. Just love the potato strings on top of the pizza which gives it the extra crunch. My gripe about it? It's smallest size (for all thin-crust pizzas!) is the regular which is way too much for one person. So everytime we go to Shakey's and I order it, we always have enough left over for snacks that day, which I admit is still a good thing.

Oh, and their mojo's are THE BEST!
-- Leigh

Okay, for the record, I love Shakey's. I remember when I was a little boy, my father would take my brother, my mother and I out to Shakey's Greenbelt, back when it used to be on the corner of Makati Avenue and Greenbelt Drive, with Pizza Hut opposite it, and the Landmark across the street. Those days, of course, are well gone, and now there aren't that many Shakey's around, even among restaurants in Makati.
It's a man's restaurant, really, if you think about it: pizza, chicken, and beer? Mojo potatoes and shrimp? Come on, bring on the beer bellies.

This brings us now to Shakey's Greenbelt. I love Shakey's, and this Shakey's restuarant in Makati does not disappoint. Don't expect healthy food too much, because this place is synonymous with grease and salt. I had the Shakey's Bunch of Lunch, which was a spaghetti, a chicken piece (in this case, a leg), two mojos, a slice of pizza, and garlic bread, all in for the handy price of P101. Good value, yep. The chicken was, as always, delicious, the pizza crust soft and flavorful, the mojos heartbreakingly bitin. I was not satisfied - I wanted more, but since my pocket couldn't handle much more, that was all I could have. Ambience-wise, the place is relatively inviting, with good lighting and memorabilia of Shakey's heritage all around. The service left much to be desired, insofar as getting refills of iced tea was concerned for Leigh, and they got our bill wrong - TWICE. Other than that, I'm pleased and punch with Shakey's Greenbelt and it will always be one of my favorite restaurants in Makati. - Ganns
When I was younger, Shakey's seem to be the only place to go when people crave for pizza. In my grade school days, whenever my family craves for pizza at 12 midnight, we would hop into our car and go to Shakey's in Greenhills, although there's one nearer to where we live. And then we stopped...I guess because we grew up and preferred to spend late nights with friends instead.

These days, my brunch buddies and I would go to Shakey's in Greenbelt when we can't think of any other place to eat. Obviously a favorite among The Makati Brunch Club members! More so now as this is the place where The Makati Brunch Club was conceptualized.

This time, I ordered Chicken 'n Pasta, which is fast becoming a favorite -- its cheap and it has spaghetti and fried chicken! :-) Although I think it would be better if the spaghetti has some meatballs. I wonder if they can make smaller meatballs to go with combo meals... I wanted to order 1 but it would cost me an additional P49, which I think is a bit expensive. So I had to pass on that. :-(

So there... our Shakey's experience... btw thanks to Lean for the mojos! Super lov 'em with caesar dressing! Yummy!!! -- Idj


Tina Elaine said...

A BUNCH OF LUNCH meal or thin-crust Pepperoni Crunch + mojos and dip.. i'm solved! Shakey's is a classic.

houseband00 said...

Shakey's is like a loyal old friend that, even after ages, never fails to please me. I can still remember it's original incarnation in Greenbelt: a 1920's-themed "pizza parlour," complete with banjo-playing waiters in strawboater hats and all those silent movies and cartoons.

Nostalgia aside, I actually like it because it's one of the few fastfood (for me, that is =D) joints where you don't have to line up for food.