Thursday, April 27, 2006

World Chicken @ Food Choices Glorietta 4

After a long hiatus in the blogging world, the Makati Brunch Club is back in full gear, ending off the month of April with our latest food rendezvous, World Chicken.

Indeed, it was a whole new world there. Located at the Food Choices of Glorietta 4, World Chicken is located in a prime spot where the line is usually the longest. Banking on its famous grilled-to-tenderness chicken patties, the price you're gonna pay is definitely worth the money and worth the wait in line.

With it's budget meal costing Php135, you get to choose 2 different sidings to go along with the yummy chicken. My all time favorite: macaroni salad and spaghetti with olives.

With side servings so graciously huge in proportions, it's no wonder none of the BC girls (sans Idj) was able to finish their respective meals.

If you're at a loss of a place to eat, and so happened to come out of the moviehouse, World Chicken is a no-brainer pick. - Lean

This is my second visit to World Chicken at Food Choices, Glorietta 4. It's as good, if not better than my first try. This time I ordered the same budget meal (Php135 bucks!). For sidings, I had their uber yummy macaroni salad and their delicious mashed potato and gravy. For the chicken sauce, I chose their Ranch Barbeque (had Gravy the last time and it was also yummy).
The meal was gooooood. Tina remarked that she has never been able to finish an entire meal at World Chicken and knowing Tiny Tina's appetite, believe when I say that's an uncommon occurance. I just love their macaroni salad but I really should try out their other sidings. I always mean to but when I'm there at the counter, I end up getting the same thing. Why mess with a good thing right?
I highly recommend World Chicken to anyone out there reading this blog. Go and order your own budget meal now.
Side note: when ordering take out, be sure to check if they actually placed the chicken inside the takeout bag. Right Lea? ;)
-- Leigh