Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Razon's Greenbelt

Today, Leigh, Tina, and I brunched at the new Razon's Greenbelt, a Filipino restaurant in Makati beside Delifrance Greenbelt. This new Makati restaurant is famous for its pancit luglug and halo-halo, so we trooped on over to try the food at Razon's Greenbelt.

Ambience. Razon's Greenbelt is relatively new, so its facilities were still quite clean. Its yellow interior was very inviting, and I was impressed with how spacious it looked compared to Monasteryo, the restaurant in Greenbelt whose spot Razon's now occupied. The chairs were relatively comfortable, and the lighting was quite good. The only drawback to the ambience? The strong smell of food - which isn't necessarily a bad thing - was all over this Makati restaurant, and without an exhaust fan in sight, the odds that the different aromas of the food will stick to your clothing are quite good.

Food. I ordered the two house specialties: pancit luglug, which is rice noodles in a yellow spiced sauce, and halo-halo, which is an ice mountain with milk, candied bananas, and custard on top. The pancit luglug was not bad at all, flavorful and textured. The P65 I paid for it, however, seemed a little steep, considering the amount of noodles on my plate. The halo-halo, which I shared with Leigh, was also good, different from typical halo-halo, which usually has kaong and beans, which I don't like. Without these colorful Philippine tidbits, we basically got a cold, caramel-flavored ice shake - which I did like.

Price. I paid P65 for the pancit and P65 for the halo-halo. The food was good, but to pay P130 for a meal that I think would've cost me about P100 if I had ordered a standard halo-halo to go from ChowKing and a petite pancit palabok from Red Ribbon, was a bit stiff.

Overall, the food wasn't half-bad, the place wasn't half-bad, and the prices were a little meh. Would I return to this Makati restaurant? Only if I were craving pancit luglug, which doesn't happen that often.