Friday, December 21, 2007

Loving Krispy Kreme's Holiday Donuts

Have you seen Krispy Kreme's new Holiday Donuts?

These Christmas donuts from Krispy Kreme are so beautiful!

The six-donut Holiday Donut box from Krispy Kreme features (clockwise, from top left) Star-shaped Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles; Santa's Chocolate Iced, Holiday Vanilla Iced, Holiday Chocolate Iced, Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses, and Star-shaped Vanilla Iced with Sprinkles.

Christmas candies meet donuts! We received these delightful donuts earlier today, and we still haven't eaten them because they're too pretty to eat!

Santa's Chocolate Iced

Krispy Kreme Holiday Chocolate Iced

Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses is a Krispy Kreme peppermint-flavored white chocolate iced doughnut topped with little pieces of crunchy candy. It looks spectacular, doesn't it?

The Holiday Donuts are available at all Krispy Kreme Philippines outlets: Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Greenhills Shopping Center (1st drive-thru store in Asia), TriNoma and now in SM Mall of Asia.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cashew bars that do the trick

We received a delightful little baked goodie sampler from IT specialist and apparent tycoon-in-the-making Irene Hungria, who coursed these little drops of heaven through one of our web designers, Red. The goodie sampler contained a box of cashew bars (PHP80), chocolate lollipops (PHP50), brownies (PHP80), and food for the gods (PHP135).

We sampled each and were surprised by its quality. The cashew bars were chewy and chocolatey, with just the right mix of crunch from toasted cashew toppings. The chocolate lollipops, while typical Pinoy chocolate, were made so much more attractive with the addition of little candy fruit. The brownies were moist and rich, as were the food for the gods. The prices were definitely worth it.

If you'd like to order or sample any of Irene's handiwork, give her a call or SMS at 09179950870. You can also call Red at 09165958245, but you'd better be female and cute or he won't entertain you. Hahaha!

Monday, April 16, 2007

We heart Yummy Magazine

Thanks to a tip from Wifely Steps, we picked up a copy of Yummy, the newest baby of Summit Media, and WE LOVE IT!

We love the reader-friendly, colorful layout. We love the easy, budget-friendly recipes. We love the relevance of the content to ourselves as individuals and as family people (after all, some of us in the Brunch Club are married, some of us are single).

We may not need to eat out as much if we use the recipes here! LOL

It's also a real treat that fellow food blogger Marketman was given a spotlight!

Seriously, give Yummy a quick run-through and see what a great magazine it is. It's available now at your neighborhood bookstore for just P95.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Krispy Kreme Easter donuts.... Mmm!

For the Makati Brunch Club, Easter means the rising of the Christ and an opportunity for a host of new beginnings.

Kicking it off with spectacular goodies from Krispy Kreme was an amazing way to celebrate Easter!

The special Easter donuts prepared by Krispy Kreme Fort and Krispy Kreme Megamall were welcomed by the Makati Brunch Club with open arms and watering mouths.

We enjoyed three variants: a cream cheese topped egg-shaped donut with chocolate dollops, a cream cheese topped candy sprinkled egg -shaped donut, and a chocolate topped candy sprinkled egg-shaped donut. They were really awesome.

Some of our friends also enjoyed them. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Max's Restaurant in Greenbelt

Today, the Makati Brunch Club visited Max's Restaurant in Makati. Located in Greenbelt 1, along the strip of Legaspi Street - that whole row of Chef D'Angelo, Mercury Drug, Chubby China, etc. - that most cars pass by but few people actually know, Max's restaurant in Makati would be long-forgotten were it not for the quality of its food.

This morning, Leigh and I decided to go for brunch, and what better way to enjoy a heart breakfast than to help ourselves to the new Power Breakfast selection at this homey restaurant in Makati?

The breakfast choices at Max's Makati restaurant consisted of the following:

  • Sausage Meal, featuring frankfurters, caramelized onions, served with garlic rice, eggs, and coffee (P150);
  • Tocino Meal, pan-fried pork seasoned with salt, pepper, and sugar, served with garlic rice, eggs, and coffee (P120);
  • Adobo Flakes Meal, shredded chicken and pork adobo, fried to a crisp, served with garlic rice, eggs, and coffee (P120);
  • Longganisa Meal, two pieces of cured sausage, served with garlic rice, eggs, and coffee (P120).
You could also select:

  • Tapa Meal, marinated beef, served with garlic rice, eggs, and coffee (P155);
  • Pepperoni Omelet, spicy pepperoni seved with four half-slices of toast, orange slices, and coffee (P150); and
  • Triple Chocolate Champorado, sticky rice in a glutinous chocolate porridge.
I had the adobo flakes, which was delicious and crisp. The eggs were perfectly done, as was the garlic rice. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Unfortunately, it took them almost 40 minutes to serve my adobo flakes, virtually unforgivable for a restaurant meal. Leigh and Samira had long gone before I was served my food.
The service at this Makati restaurant was, as usual, quite good. Save for some confusion when management and servers could not agree on whether or not to charge us for the champorado when we were initially told it was not included in a lovely gift voucher we received last week as courtesy from the restaurant, it was still a good experience.
I would recommend you try the adobo flakes - although those of you with heartier appetites may prefer the tocino meal, as it seemed to have larger portions - along with the champorado. Delightful!
An Early Morning for a Chocolate Rush

I am not a breakfast-eating person. Don't get me wrong, I love all Filipino breakfast items. Corned beef, longganisa, tocino...I love them all, just not at breakfast or to be more exact, just not so early in the morning at a time when my stomach can't take anything in but liquids.

I however, will willingly brave an upset stomach and eat breakfast in only two situations: (1) if it's a breakfast buffet in a hotel or (2) it's free. Our early-morning trip to Max's was thanks to #2. And well worth the effort. ;)

I ordered their Triple Chocolate Champorado. (Don't you just love the name? Chocolate Champorado would have been enough for me but TRIPLE CHOCOLATE? Who can beat that?) I was not disappointed at all. When they say triple chocolate, you can just imagine 3 bars of chocolate melted into the sticky rice. It was sweet, rich and just simply delicious.

The champorado purists may not like it because of it's sweetness but knowing the Filipino penchant for sweet food, it'll be a hit. I wouldn't mind another bowl of their Triple Chocolate Champorado. I wonder if it's available for snacks...

~ Leigh