Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cashew bars that do the trick

We received a delightful little baked goodie sampler from IT specialist and apparent tycoon-in-the-making Irene Hungria, who coursed these little drops of heaven through one of our web designers, Red. The goodie sampler contained a box of cashew bars (PHP80), chocolate lollipops (PHP50), brownies (PHP80), and food for the gods (PHP135).

We sampled each and were surprised by its quality. The cashew bars were chewy and chocolatey, with just the right mix of crunch from toasted cashew toppings. The chocolate lollipops, while typical Pinoy chocolate, were made so much more attractive with the addition of little candy fruit. The brownies were moist and rich, as were the food for the gods. The prices were definitely worth it.

If you'd like to order or sample any of Irene's handiwork, give her a call or SMS at 09179950870. You can also call Red at 09165958245, but you'd better be female and cute or he won't entertain you. Hahaha!


kim said...

I googled "Masas greenbelt restaurant," and imagine my surprise when the Makati Brunch Club appears third on the list of results. So, I click on it, and out pops the pictures of some people I practically see everyday @ work.

Consider me green with envy. Kudos on the blog! I think it's abso-bloody-lutely great!

P.S. Pa-join naman o!

Anonymous said...

no more updates?

Ganns said...

Sorry, docchef, we haven't had time to go out as a group much lately.

It doesn't help our ranks got decimated by Leigh and Tina, those traitors. :p

easter said...

Hi! I just want to know where can I can contact Irene Hungria. Thanks.


Ganns said...

Numbers are in the post, Sir. :)