Monday, April 16, 2007

We heart Yummy Magazine

Thanks to a tip from Wifely Steps, we picked up a copy of Yummy, the newest baby of Summit Media, and WE LOVE IT!

We love the reader-friendly, colorful layout. We love the easy, budget-friendly recipes. We love the relevance of the content to ourselves as individuals and as family people (after all, some of us in the Brunch Club are married, some of us are single).

We may not need to eat out as much if we use the recipes here! LOL

It's also a real treat that fellow food blogger Marketman was given a spotlight!

Seriously, give Yummy a quick run-through and see what a great magazine it is. It's available now at your neighborhood bookstore for just P95.


Michelle said...

yahoo!! glad you enjoyed it! i can't wait nga to try some of the recipes. really friendly 'no? not intimidating at all.

kim said...

Hmmm... I actually like ABS-CBN Publishing's "Food" Magazine better. My sister started collecting it about 2 years ago, and I started salivating on it right from very get-go. Check it out!