Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Krispy Kreme Easter donuts.... Mmm!

For the Makati Brunch Club, Easter means the rising of the Christ and an opportunity for a host of new beginnings.

Kicking it off with spectacular goodies from Krispy Kreme was an amazing way to celebrate Easter!

The special Easter donuts prepared by Krispy Kreme Fort and Krispy Kreme Megamall were welcomed by the Makati Brunch Club with open arms and watering mouths.

We enjoyed three variants: a cream cheese topped egg-shaped donut with chocolate dollops, a cream cheese topped candy sprinkled egg -shaped donut, and a chocolate topped candy sprinkled egg-shaped donut. They were really awesome.

Some of our friends also enjoyed them. :)


Leigh said...

okay... I must have wolfed down those donuts coz for the life of me I did not realize they were shaped as eggs! :) hehehehe.

Tina Elaine said...

i love the cream cheese! miss you guys!

Idj said...

i shared the box with my team. they all loved it!

thanks krispy kreme! :)