Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soul Food @ Greenbelt 3

It was a day after payday and we were depressed (well, most of us at least). A surefire way to cure our ills? Good food and good company.

We tried Soul Food on the second floor of Greenbelt 3 Makati.

They had a selection of "budget meals" which were mostly chicken. I ordered their Jerk Chicken since the waiter said it was one of their best sellers and it was not bad.

It consisted of grilled chicken fillet, java rice, half a fried banana, sweet vinegar and some sweet chili sauce. The serving was not so big but perfect for me (I was able to finish it all! And that is a feat for me). The chicken was tender and well-cooked. The rice was yummy (although for those rice hogs out there, the serving is a tad small). The fried banana was okay but so little, they could have just gave the entire banana. The "sauce" selection was good but the red chili (I assume it was chili), was too sweet for me. The vinegar was good as well.

Overall, it was a satisfying lunch for me but for 158++ (with no drinks) it's over-priced.

-- Leigh

Soul Food's Chicken Tenders

Soul Food's Chicken Barbecue

I am a big Soul Food fan, which is strange, considering I only order one dish from this restaurant in Makati. Their chicken tenders are wonderfully light, fried in a crisp batter served on a bed of lettuce with a tart sweet and sour sauce and traditional gravy. I agree with Leigh that it's a little pricey, but where else can we find good South Beach food for P160? - Ganns

Soul Food is definitely a date place - with its cozy couches, warm ambience and not to mention candlelit tables. Wasn't my first time to dine there although the first, of course, for the BClubbers.

Idj and I had their Chicken Inasal (somewhat like bbq looking) and it wasn't bad. Wasn't bad at all. Pricey, yes. Portions, small.

Dunno what got into our minds (pressured decision) why we ate there but all in all, not a bad choice. - Lean

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