Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fish & Co @ Greenbelt 3

Today, the Makati Brunch Club eats at the Fish & Co. restaurant in Makati, located on the third floor of Greenbelt 3 in beautiful Makati City, Philippines.

the girls at Fish & co

Grilled Calamari
We ordered Fish % Co.'s grilled calamari to share among the four of us and it was delicious, cooked to perfection!

Squid is tricky to cook. If you overcook it, it's so hard to eat. But Fish & Co's Grilled Calamari was perfect. It was a great starter as we waited for our next course.

Fish and Chips

We had two orders to share among the four of us. The fish was yummy.
Fish % Co.'s Fish and Chips was definitely juicy and flavorful. The breading didn't overpower the fish. Other fish and chips from other restaurants in Makati sometimes have the breading thicker than the fillet of fish. The fish at Fish & Co. also came with some sort of sauce (tartar?), although it was not enough for the entire fish.

The chips were also great. It had spice (cajun powder?) on it which gave the potatoes an extra kick.

Overall, I loved Fish & Co. If I were hungry enough, I could have finished the entire dish. I would definitely go back. And if they were more affordable, I'd be there twice or thrice a week. I love fish.

-- Leigh

Birthday treat: Free cake from Fish & Co. because it was Idjea's birthday.

Thank God for Fish and Co. because eating healthy has never been this good and filling.

I have always been a fan of everything and anything seafood. Thanks to my boyfriend whose love affair with seafood has rubbed off me big time.

I love all the food at this restaurant in Makati. The fish and chips are sumptuous to every bite; the calamari is tender in every way and we even got free cake!

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum :)

- lean

I just like this photo of Leigh I took! Red striped shirt in synch with the background! hehehe I need to post it! hehehe. I love the blue painted walls of fish and co.
I love their chair too. I just love their interior and ambiance. Food is great! Healthy and satisfying! :)

yours truly,

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natasha said...

it's cool you like fish& co.
i work at fish& co in singapore.
i'm glad the food is good all over the world. (: