Thursday, July 13, 2006

McDonald's - Greenbelt 1 we still need to do some review for McDonalds? (whining) Filipinos love McDonalds. Everybody does. Who doesn't? Of course, excluding people who are working in call centers, claiming it as their 24/7 fast food chain and source of survival that they basically have to eat it everyday. Don't ask them they'd probably throw up first before saying one word. Or those that are extremely health conscious and deprives themselves of once-in-a-while indulgence.

But of course, McDonald's is the all time favorite American fast food chain all over the globe! Let's not dig into the history, all we know that if it's raining, or if we are low in budget like today... (since payday is not until tomorrow) there's no other comfort food better than McDonald's french fries, quarter pounder, double cheeseburger, bigmac and chicken meal.

Lei havin a Car's (movie) Happy Meal - chicken nuggets, twister fries and soda

my big mac meal =)

Our common favorite: Hot choco fudge brownie.... delicious when topped with vanilla icecream

McChicken Meal of Cel

YUM! JUNKFOOD we know, but there's no other fulfilling super quick meal than McDonald's! It's good to eat sinfully sometimes. Extra cardio! I'll probably walk an extra hour this weekend.hehe As what Ganns would say when he is doubted of his food choices. "You live longer, but at least, I'm happier." ;)
Donna and Cel, two fellow designers joined us today by the way. Thanks to you two! Hope you enjoyed our makati brunch sessions. We're a little feisty today, it's probably the weather. hehe -tina

A Quarter Pounder

Love ko to! : )

McDonald's is one of those comfort joints that never fails to soothe one's craving. Not to mention it's being budget friendly.

Love their McCafe, with its cozy ambience best partnered with their delightful sweets.

For today's rainy day edition, I had my usual McNuggets Turbo Treat. I'm not much of a rice fan but since I love chicken, this is the closest I can get.

Thanks Tin for the pics, even though we have that "depressed area" look because of the awful weather.

- lean

When the Makati Brunch Club is on a budget, and none of us has baon, McDonald's is always on top of the list. Apart from its ideal proximity from the office, we just love hanging out at McCafe, where we'll have dessert - most of the time the fudgy choco, a common favorite - after we have had our very satisfying comfort meals.

See that meal above? That's my absolute fave when eating at this joint -- Double Cheeseburger Meal, just plain, without the dressing please. For cheese & meat lovers, you must absolutely try this for the following reasons:

1) Since it is a special request, your burger is served right off the grill
2) The taste of alternating cheese slices & burger patties is absolutely heaven!!!

Sinful -- I know! But who cares? :) -- Idjea


Ganns said...

When'd you go to MickeyD's?? I wanted to go too!

Mmmm. Nuggets.

Coffee Maker said...

i love everything the the McDonald's McCafe coffees, everything except the silly name