Friday, August 18, 2006

Masas @ Greenbelt 2

Dining at the Masas restaurant in Greenbelt 2 in Makati is always a delight. Aside from the great food, it's also a great restaurant in Makati to hang out with friends and catch up with each other's lives. An added bonus are occasional acoustic performances at night, which never fail to delight music-lovers, such as yours truly. Watch out for my friend Zion, who won last year's Next Big Thing - Search for the Next RnB Star. He sometimes performs at Masas, accompanied by his acoustic buddy.

Now back to the food...

Tina, Leigh, Lean and I headed to Masas in Greenbelt 2, along with a few co-workers, to celebrate Tina & Leigh's birthday. I hesitated at first because I know menu items at this Makati restaurant could be a bit pricey - I didn't know they have "silog" items that are quite affordable (the most affordable being at P105).

I ordered Adobo Flakes, served with fried rice, scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes & onions with 2 slices of salted egg and sauce on the side for the adobo. The food was hot when it was served; and the entire dish was not at all oily, at least not as oily as "silog" food served in other restaurants in Makati. The saltiness of the adobo, even with its sauce, was just right.

The service at this Makati restaurant was fast. But that's probably because we went there early. The staff were also friendly, they struck a pose behind us when we took pictures of each other. I think they're notorious for that.

Nevertheless, the dining experience was great, as always. -- Idj

Adobo Flakes

Skinless Longganiza

Quezo Puti and salso

I love Masas at night. The acoustic background, food and the ambiance is great. One of my favorite chill places. -tinz


VemSan said...

saran naman nyan...;)

eZeR. said...

my fave too.. ;D

Library pig atbp. said...

Mmm, silogs. Just amazing what all-day-breakfast-meals are! Yummy!

Rex said...

Masas has the best iced tea in the world =)