Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Seafood Club @ Greenbelt 3

We've been craving crabs for months now. We've always planned to have some come payday but somehow we always ended up in some other restaurant or worse, in the pantry with our canned goods and baon.

Finally, this payday we satisfied our cravings. Lean, Idj and I headed to The Seafood Club at Greenbelt 3. We had planned on ordering the Crab Solo (crab, pasta and something or another, can't recall now) but Lean and I got sidetracked with their buffet, specifically their appetizers.

For my first round, from the appertizer area, I sampled some of their meatballs, baby potatoes and garlic mushroom. And from their main course, Lengua and fish fillet in some cream sauce,

The meatballs was yummy, it reminded me of Ikea's Swedish Meatballs with not as much gravy. Their baby potatoes were boiled, semi-peeled, sauteed in garlic and basil (?) and topped with a white cream sauce. It was yummy but then again I'm partial to anything potato-ey. Their garlic mushrooms were not so good. They were cold and not as garlic-y as I wanted them, not enough flavor.

And for the second round, I got a plateful of crabs. The buffet featured two types but on sight, you can't tell the difference. After eating them you'd realize one had spicier taste to it. It was YUMMY. I love crab. I don't mind eating with my hands, it's thrilling to remove the shell of the crab and aim to get a perfect peice of crabmeat.

I enjoyed the buffet but for 450 net it's a splurge.

~~ Leigh

miss leecha and miss moja feeling crabby

idjea's Seafood Club Pasta

I absolutely love seafood. However, when the brunchers wanted to go to The Seafood Club in Greenbelt 3, i hesitated a bit. I didn't want to lunch there as I feel it would eat up on my budget. And besides, what's the point of going to The Seafood Club if not to crab-all-you-want from the buffet?

I curbed my appetite for crab... poor me... and ordered The Seafood Club Pasta from its a la carte items. I didn't regret my decision as it was a delightfully tasteful meal. It's fetuccine pasta, with an oil-based sauce, with lots of shredded seafood, dried tomatoes and big slices of sweet bell pepper, served with 2 pieces of one of the best garlic breads I've ever tasted. Yummy!!!

However, the price was a bit steep as expected. This particular dish costs P230, and that's without tax & service charge yet. It's quite pricey and I just think it shouldn't be worth that much. But it's great food, so I guess that's okay... :) - Idj

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Library pig atbp. said...

Hi! How fresh are the crabs? How do they prepare it?