Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cucina @ Food Choices, Glorietta 4

With some free time on our hands, we decided to walk all the way to Glorietta 4 for a yummy brunch. We walked around Glorietta 4 but couldn't come up with a choice that made all parties happy, so the solution? Food Choices!

Fast Food
I'm not a fan of fast food areas, especially that of SM's. The cold metal benches and seeing the settling layer of fat and oil on perpetually reheated food doesn't stimulate your gastronomic senses at all. Glorietta 4's Food Choices is a definite improvement from the usual. (There are actually tables and chairs not bolted to the floor, imagine that!)

However, one thing common among all fast food areas, and Glorietta 4's Food Choices is no expection, is the cramped space. Glorietta 4's Food Choices used to be a bit more spacious but for some reason they've added several booths or kiosks in the middle of the eating area and now it's just too congested.

On to the food
On this trip to Glorietta 4's Food Choices, I decided to get my food at Cucina (They serve Spanish-Filipino cuisine). Since they had a lot of yummy looking viands and I couldn't decide on just one, I ordered one their "promo" plates. For 155 pesos, I get a choice of 3 viands, rice and a small (really, it was small, look at the photo below) glass of softdrink.

For my viands, I chose their Lengua with Mushroom Sauce, a spanish classic, Callos and my craving for that day, Chorizo. For the rice, I had their Spanish Rice.

For just 155 pesos, the amount of food on my plate was not bad. It was pretty amazing actually, I was expecting them to stinge on the dishes but surprisingly they placed a good sized serving of each viand.

Their Lengua with Mushroom Sauce was good. It was cooked well, not tough to eat and the mushroom sauce was delicious. I think I had about 3 slices of lengua (tongue!)

Their Callos was also yummy and cooked just right. Some callos dishes come out chewy but theirs weren't which was good considering the dish was probably out there on the display for several hours already.

Now for their Chorizo, this was a bit of a disappointment. The last time I ate at Cucina, I adored their chorizo dishes. Unfortunately, on this try the sausage was cut too thick and it was crumbly. Don't know how else to describe it but looking at the sausage slices, I think the meat of the sausage was not packed into the sausage skin (or whatever that's called) that well. The taste wasn't all that bad but the texture of the sausage when you eat it just distracts you from tasting its flavor.

Yes, they didn't stinge on the viands but boy were they "economical" on the drinks. When I said small, I didn't mean the regular sized plastic cups. Small means those transparent plastic cups some places give out when you just want some tap water. Darn it, it was small!

Verdict: I will go back and try out their other dishes (their chicken looked good) but maybe this time I'll go with a regular order to get a regular-sized drink.

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