Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kitchen Greenbelt

Kitchen Greenbelt hosted today's brunch for Makati Brunch Club's Leigh, Lean, and Ganns, and this restaurant in Makati lived up to its expectations, serving up a memorable and tasty meal to match its interesting ambience. I wonder if it is owned by the same people who own and operate the Makati restaurant Mangan in Glorietta; the design of the menus remind me of Mangan.

The menu of Kitchen Greenbelt was truly ingenious, with unique, witty names to go with the left-of-center combinations. I ordered the Jack of All Trades, which looked appealing: fried catfish served on pandan rice with nangka (jackfruit) in coconut milk. This Kitchen creation is one of the most creative dishes I've had in a while - truly delicious. The rough, crispy texture of the catfish was the perfect contrast to the smooth, creamy nangka; when you pop a spoonful into your mouth, it's a medley of flavors and textures that is simply delightful. For P110, a steal!
The ambience of Kitchen Greenbelt is also a conversation piece in itself. Oversize plates, forks, and spoons complement the otherwise stark surroundings. A large display shelf at Greenbelt's Kitchen restaurant featured Asian pottery, and the heavy wooden furniture provided an interesting counterplay to the light, breeze feel of the high ceilings. It was unique and refreshing. In fairness, this Makati restaurant has its flaws. Service at Kitchen Greenbelt was a wee bit slower than usual, and the mint water had no essence of mint to it (maybe they dropped the sprigs of mint into the bottle when the water was cold - better chance of getting the minty flavor and essence to steep if they dropped it in hot water). Seats were uncomfortably hard, but other than these, my Kitchen Greenbelt experience was a pleasant and memorable one. I will be returning soon to this restaurant in Greenbelt very soon, as it is one Makati restaurant that deserves my business. -- Ganns This was my first visit to Kitchen Greenbelt. I've heard of them but because of mixed reviews, it was never a place where I just "had to" go.

Kitchen Greenbelt's interiors was nice, different but they might need an update soon. Their furnishings were starting to get worn. Their menu really needs sprucing up (unless that was the look they were going for).

Now for the food, I ordered Breaded
Mahi-mahi with Fettucine in Alfredo Sauce. The fish was really good. Its breading was not too overpowering and thick unlike some other places. It blended well with the fish. The Alfredo sauce was also one of the best I have tasted. Perfect! The only downside for this particular dish was the overcooked pasta. Other than that, I was happy.

Kitchen Greenbelt will definitely be a place I will visit again.
-- Leigh
Whenever I eat at Kitchen, whether it be at Greenbelt or Galleria, it always brings back fun memories with friends. Probably because I always dine with friends there and later on drink the night away.

It's also a good date place, reminiscent of the date nights I had there with my boyfriend (I miss him!).

For that day, I had their Salmon ala Bistek Tagalog. I've always been fond of Kitchen's cuisine. Very exotic looking yet homestyle cooking at its finest. It also does not hurt that the ambience is absolutely wonderful. Huge plates, huge spoons and forks....classic :)

The food was very good. And if you are in a budget, you may opt to diss ordering drinks since they serve their water in minted bottles. Very chic and unique.

Kitchen definitely has a special place in my heart (and tummy!)

- Lean


Tina Elaine said...

I've always loved the kitchen for it's huge servings and reasonable price. :) I always order their "belly flop" (Salmon belly.. yummy!) Although the utensils seem oddly large hehhee... Just last saturday, my friend and I ate there, I was quite disappointed of their super delayed serving time of their beef brisket. tsk... But still... the dishes are still delightful! I'm still giving the kitchen an "A"!

cEaL said...

I was looking for this restaurant for so long. It was written that you were wondering if what's the relation of Mangan's and Kitchen's owner... Well, they're just both Kapampangan - that's all I know. Kitchen and Anonymous has the same owner din nga pla. Hehe, minimalist! The first time I ate at Kitchen was in Megastrip pa. I'm so happy I found it in Gbelt na! Wha, meant to be?! Haha!!!

Danielle Alexis said...

I just had my lunch there today. From a rate of 1-10, 10 being the highest:
Food: 7
Ambiance: 7
Service: 4 (poor)