Friday, March 17, 2006

A week of Heartlands: The Healthy Alternative

Heartlands, the healthy food catering service using the recipes of Heny Sison, is going to be our featured food provider from Monday to Friday of next week.

According to their official website, "Heartlands Healthy Alternative Meals are made fresh everyday. Our Salad Greens are harvested fresh from our farm, Hydrent Farms, in Tagaytay and our new products are developed in the kitchens of Heny Sison."

Sounds good to us! So from Monday to Friday of next week, we're going to order the pre-packed meals of Heartlands Healthy Alternative Meals, which will be delivered to our office here in Makati City. You never know what healthy restaurant in Makati you can find, so we're going to have just a health food delivery in Makati service for the meantime.

Here's their menu for next week:

Breaded Chicken & Creamy Strawberry Dip – Just as you love chicken fingers and dip, this salad gives you the same satisfying sensation as we combine breaded chicken, croutons, and cashew nuts with a salad bed of lettuce and fresh corn kernels. We add our Creamy Strawberry Dressing to the mix just as Chicken Fingers go with wonderful dips!

Vegetarian Crock-pot – Seasoned and Diced Tomatoes in a medley of Chopped Onions, Mushrooms, Carrots, and Bell Pepper all in an Italian Herbed Red Sauce over Al' Dente Spaghetti Noodles.

Honey Hungarian – Hungarian Sausage Chunks and Chopped Onions over Mixed Lettuce Greens, freshened with Sliced Grapes & Cucumber, all topped with Grated Cheese and our NATURAL HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING.

Pasta Jambalaya – Stir Fried Chicken and Shrimp Bites in a sautee of mixed Garlic, Tomatoes, Onions, & Bell Pepper. All this, seasoned Jambalaya Style with cayenne pepper, thyme, oregano & paprika making a delicious red sauce to be tossed in Whole Penne Pasta.

The Naked Mexican Taco – Mexican Seasoned Beef and a salsa inspired topping of Chopped Tomatoes, Onions, and Cilantro, with Taco Chips and Cheddar Cheese grated over your Taco Lettuce Mix. A RANCH SALAD SAUCE dresses this taco without a shell!

Southwestern Pasta – Lean Bacon and Zucchini sautéed along with Peeled Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic and topped with Fresh Corn Kernels. All this in a Mexican Inspired Salsa Sauce tossed over Linguine Noodles.

Kiwi Shrimp and Kani Salad - Shrimp and kani with mango cubes for taste and texture topped with chopped almonds, all dressed with a refreshing Kiwi Vinaigrette.

Shrimp Spaghettini Sesame – Shrimp, Mushrooms, & Asparagus in a Sweet Chutney & Sesame Oil Sauce sautéed with Onions & Garlic tossed over Spaghettini Noodles all drizzled in Sesame Seeds.

Creamy Avocado & Peach Platte – Topped in Sliced Peaches, Carrots, and Jicama Strips, this fresh and fruity salad derives its base flavor from our Unique Creamy Avocado Dressing. We throw in an assortment of Chopped Nuts for the crunch over a Fresh and Crisp Lettuce Bed for another trendy fruit-based salad.

Pasta A'la Paolo – A Vegetarian's concoction of Mushrooms, Red and Green Capsicums simmered in a Light Italian Cream Sauce and served with Italian Spaghetti Noodles. Astoundingly satisfying for a dish with absolutely no meat!

Sounds good, eh? Find out what we think of Heartlands Healthy Alternatives Meals!

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