Friday, March 10, 2006

Sinangag Express @ Makati Cinema Square

Sinangag Express was not the first choice for our brunch trip that day. Lean and I had headed off to Makati Cinema Square or MCS, as it is also known, ahead of Ganns and Tina. We had planned to eat at Lotus (Lot-Us as Ganns calls it). As we were crossing the street to Makati Cinema Square, we saw their red and yellow sign for Sinangag Express and I "squealed" to Lean "Ooooh... Sinangag!" to which she then said "Let's eat there instead!".

So it was goodbye Lot-Us, hello Sinangag Express! We didn't know where it was located in Makati Cinema Square, for all we know, it was on the other side of the building in some seedy corner. We asked the guard at the door where it was... "Sa kaliwa tapos sa Jollibee kumanan kayo". So off we went, we turned right after Jollibee and we walked looking around for Sinangag Express. Nothing! Until we reached an exit (and this time, I was thinking to myself.. uh-oh it's outside!). Good thing that it was just right outside the door in some sort of mini-wing of Makati Cinema Square.

I ordered the Tocino Meal and a large iced tea all for 80+ pesos! Not bad at all. If I weren't that hungry, I could have ordered their Tocilog for 39 pesos. I asked what the difference was between Tocino Meal and Tocilog. Apparently, the Tocino Meal had more tocino and me being an
ulam person, Tocino Meal it is!

I enjoyed the meal. Although I personally like Cebu's version of Sinangag Express better (Cebu's is not the original but I like it) 80 pesos for a cup of garlic rice, tocino, fried egg and iced tea is well worth it.

Verdict? I will return!
-- Leigh

Sinangag Express is one "resto" close to my heart (agen!) My boyfriend actually introduced me to this place. We'd go to their Paranaque branch, inside BF and eat outside the patio.

I've always been a fan of breakfast food. Breakfast items appeal to me the most, specially Filipino ones like the "silog" family.

Just as Leigh has narrated, our trip (just the two of us unfortunately) to Sinangag Express wasn't the original plan. It was a blessing in disguise that we came across their sign/billboard. That day, I had their Longsilog meal for Php39!! Imagine eating a satisfying lunch and paying less than Php50 for it! It was really very yummy!!! And to partner it with is their ever so tasty iced tea (which I've just tried for the first time), mango flavor! I ended up buying packs of that Lipton Mango Iced Tea. A must-try, really.

- Lean

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