Thursday, February 23, 2006

Binalot @ Greenbelt 1

With only three club members today, we decided today to eat at Binalot, a third-round pick after vetoing Big Buddha for distance and cost and David's Tea House for no apparent reason. At least for Leigh and me, we would soon find this decision an appalling mistake.

Binalot Greenbelt specializes in traditional Filipino foods wrapped in banana leaves, which does provide for an appetizing aroma and unique presentation. I ordered myself a sisig, which you can see directly below. Can you see it? No? Well, that's gripe #1. The servings were quite small. The sisig let me down, being both dull and flavorless, needing salted eggs, fried eggs, and other condiments to give it some semblance of taste. Yech.

There are little pros for this Binalot, despite its long line testifying to its popularity. The restaurant is cramped, and tables are ridiculously small, given that we have to open our meals wide (they are, after all, wrapped in banana plant leaves). Their service was reasonably fast, but the meals were unmemorable.

Ultimately, I don't see myself returning to Binalot Greenbelt, even for takeout. Why suffer through the indignance of bad food and ambience for Filipino food? There's Rodick's, Tapa King, and a slew of other restaurants that can give me equally good food, with space to stretch my legs and enjoy my eating time with friends. - Ganns

I love almusal food. Anything "silog" appeals to my appetite.
So today, we opted to eat at Binalot. This teeny tiny place located at the back of Greenbelt 1, which serves anything from "silog" faves to more contemporary stuff like their Sisig na Makisig.

The downside. Portions are not consistent, so I ended up finishing my meal before I knew it. To match the teeny, tiny place are their even teenier, tinier tables. If you are out on a lunch date with your boyfriend, your food ends up overlapping with each other's paper binalot.

Their sago gulaman is quite okay. So-so. Nothing fancy either like those of Via Mare's.

In totality, a so-so lunch experience. - Lean

Let's start with the good things, service was fast. Okay, that it.

By far this is the least satisfying meal I have ever had since the beginning of the MBC. This was also a first for me at Binalot but from seeing the long lines at its Greenbelt branch every lunch time, I thought the food would be good.
It was a big disappointment. For one, the cashier didn't take down my order of iced tea so I had to line up twice. Then she got my order all wrong. Instead of exchanging my plain rice for Tapa Rice, she punched in an extra order of Tapa Rice. So I had left over plain rice from the meal. That's my "combo" meal at the right. I ate the Tapa Rice and transferred by Bongga Longganiza (it wasn't so bongga), salted egg and tomato there.

Lean's right, the tables were way too small for the huge Binalot paper AND banana leaves. We had trouble arranging our stuff (which consisted of 2 wallets and a camera -- no bags!) to be able to eat comfortably.

Overall, the speed of getting our orders were good (probably coz all they had to do was assemble the "binalot", everything else was pre-cooked), the food was so-so, the place was bad. I'd probably try Binalot again just to try out the other items on the menu. But, only for take-out!
-- Leigh


Idj said...

i'm so sorry you guys had to have this experience... let's take that out of our resto pool so we won't have to go there again :)

houseband00 said...

Thanks for the warning!

I guess the sisig should be called "sisi" as in regret, no?

Tina Elaine said...

i love binalot!!!.... when i'm so starving to death and pangs of ulcer are taking place! meaning, if you are into "silog" type of food... and just wants to eat RAVENOUSLY... binalot is the place! :) i like how they package their food! :) and i like the pinoy comic characters in the walls. :) food is quite cheap too :)

kevin said...

Do they still serve that rice-thing na "pinag-lutuan" nila from all their tocino in as a value-meal thingamajig?!


Ganns said...

Ick! I hope not! That sounds disgusting!

Never again!

RapSaKalye said...

Hi! well, i know Binalot too. and its great! maybe you just ordered the wrong items. Bistek and Tapa for me are the best! they even have loveydovey meals that are meals good for two!

Ganns said...

I imagine it will feel lovey-dovey because the place is so cramped, you really will end up smooshed next to each other. ;)

Whether or not we ordered the wrong foods is not the point. The point is, we did not enjoy our experience there. Others may have. We did not. If Binalot's food is as great as you say it is, they should scrap the sisig off the menu because it is, by far, the WORST SISIG I HAVE EVER HAD.

Furthermore, I ordered a beefsteak from the Binalot at Glorietta Food Choices and was not pleased by the saltiness of the viand. So while there is accounting for individual taste, I can see that at least you and I do not share the same sentiments for Binalot's food. Oh well. C'est la vie.

Binalot Victim said...

The crew especially the girls were not that accommodating, they were very irresponsible.
Last September 5, we order about five variety of what they offer including a two talong all for take out, When they give us the plastic, they assure us that everything is completely packed. When we came back to the office, I felt a little bit disappointed because the two talong were not included. I called them and asked them to deliver the talong since it was their fault, but what the cashier did was she slammed the phone that got me so enrage.

The management of this store doesn’t train their staff to on customer service management. I just Hope no other customer will be a victim of these people.