Friday, February 17, 2006

Oliver's Super Sandwiches [Glorietta]

Situated on the second floor of Glorietta, Oliver's Sandwiches competes well among the other restaurants besides it because of its nutritional quality, appetite appeal, presentation, ambiance which reflects the freshness and natural ingredients they used. They have a wide assortment of gourmet, deluxe & grilled sandwiches, gourmet salad, baked potatoes, pasta, fruits and cakes! :) It's quite small and it gives the impression of a quick serving for people on the go. For health buffs, they have an array of salad.. They usually substitute cream with cream cheese instead. Yummy. Their multi-grain sandwiches are really heavy. That's why we left the edges. My smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato choice of sandwich soothed my craving for their carrot cake! Other words, heavy. Enough to keep me going the whole day! <---- Tina---->

I love bread. Except wheat bread. Actually tastes like sand to me sometimes because of all the grains it has.
Oliver's though is an exception. Ever a fanatic of egg salads, their Egg Mayo always tops my choice. Well, all their Mayo in fact. Today, I had Chicken Mayo with cheese. Both healthy and unhealthy at the same time. Mayonaise, cheese and then veggies and wheat bread.

Nothing beats the price of these type of sandwiches as well. - Lean
I've always liked Oliver's. The fact that their sandwiches and pastas are significantly less pop-oriented than Subway's is always a plus, even if there are no chips or cookies that go with a typical Oliver's sandwich.
That said, I ordered a High Protein sub, which is a roast beef sandwich with vegetables and cheese. High protein and high fat, but relatively low-carb, save for the bread of the sub itself. The wait was long (eight minutes), but the sandwich was worth it. Delicious and filling.
The ambience is very inviting, very chichi. My only gripe? You can't bring cameras into the store. Grrrr. How are we supposed to show off their amazing sandwiches if we can't shoot them, huh?
Will I go back? Certainly, and with the wide menu, I can be sure I'll return for seconds, thirds, maybe more. - Ganns

I love sandwiches! I personally prefer bread over rice anytime. This time I ordered Country Style Ham with Cheese on Wheat. I had asked them to hold a little of the lettuce but it seemed that they forgot about my request -- probably because the place was packed. But that didn't stop me from enjoying my sandwich. What I love about Oliver's is the quality and quantity of the sandwich. For the price it sells, they don't stinge on the ingredients. There were several slice of ham, huge slice of cheese and they used those "premium" tomatoes. Those big, juicy ruby-red tomatoes that you'd just love to bite into like an apple. Yum!

The sandwich was perfect. My drink, Nestea Iced Tea, was pricey (Php 38) and they only had one selection of bottled water and unlucky me it was my second hatest brand of bottled drinks -- Nestle Pure Life. (The worst bottled drink I have ever tasted was aptly called
Pocari Sweat -- yes, SWEAT!).
-- Leigh


houseband00 said...


What an interesting and informative blog!

I like eating at oliver's, too. i'd stay away from the fruit though - i truly doubt their freshness. =D

Ganns said...

I agree with you 100%! The browned edges of their apples tell me a thing or two. ;)

fast&furious said...

Nice site :) I work with the company that manages Oliver's here in the Philippines. It's great to hear from people who appreciate good,healthy food. Your website's well-written and the critiques/ comments seem fair and honest.

Can I use your reviews as internal feedback for our company? And maybe to develop some marketing materials? Will need your real & full names, though.

Keep on blogging--and eating healthy :) Have you tried ZNH chinese bistro at Greenbelt 2? It won the Philippine Tatler citation for best Chinese resto in the country. You can email me at Cheers!