Friday, February 17, 2006

Chubby China @ Greenbelt 1

Next stop, Chubby China - always a safe choice when in need for yummy food with fast service. This time I ordered Taosi Spareribs (their Chicken Curry is also a good choice). I assume this is a best seller because the combination of a hefty serving of good tasting food with a reasonable price (Php 79!) is unbeatable. The taosi spareribs was yummy and for the rice-lovers out there, it was served with a lot of rice. However, the balance between viand and rice was not bad. You will have enough of the Taosi Spareribs to go with the rice.

The only bad point (for me at least) was the fact that their bottomless iced tea was pricey (Php 55).
-- Leigh

Chubby China's beef brisket noodles were the perfect answer to the otherwise bad mood I was in. I thoroughly enjoyed the heat of the noodles, with enough flavorful vegetables and heapings of delightful beef chunks. Very, very, very good. The place itself is relatively cramped, and the small size of Chubby China didn't help make the dining experience any easier. The free wanton chips made it a little better, and the service was moderately good (Leigh had only one refill, and we never got our receipt after having paid. - Ganns

Taosi spareribs....dimsum.....Chinese food is always comfort food. Chubby China is always a dependable choice for us. Food is cheap. Quality is good. Serving is not bad. Ambiance is cool too.

Looking forward to more..... - Lean


Jay said...

Hey brunchbunch,
Alfie, Mike, Teng and I always enjoyed Chubby China - I recommend their orange chicken. It also helped that I know the owner so we always got extra wanton chips while waiting for the food. Ganns should take you guys to Lotus in Makati Square.

Tina Elaine said...

The taosi spareribs is indeed a safe choice. I love their black large plates. And the modernized chinese background particularly the Mushu-like large paintings on the walls! Mulan's guardian dragon)

The Anonymous Food Tripper said...

the things to eat at chubby china is as follows: string beans with minced pork, orange chicken, salt and pepper spare ribs, general tsos chicken, mixed seafood with veggies and for dessert get the fried cua pao with sweet milk sauce! Champion yun! Trust me.

Argie & Elsie said...

I was wondering if anyone has tried the congee, and if it is any good?