Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Café Bola Greenbelt

Cafe Bola was a great start to the Brunch Club. My favorite thing about the place itself was the fact that it was spacious. Tables were set far apart enough for you to not smell the orders from the other table or feel like an eavesdropper because you can hear what the other table was talking about.

Now for the food. My order: Beef Bola on Rice with Spicy Green Curry. Now this, I admit, would be a tricky review. For one, I absolutely love curry and I know what good curry (for me at least) should taste like. Second, I love spicy dishes and it takes a lot for me to consider something spicy since I have a high tolerance for it. What for some people think as spicy would for me, be bland. Considering I had my two favorite "flavors" in my dish, standards were way up high.

The food was good but although I hate to admit this, I was disappointed. Spicy was not spicy at all. I had to resort to adding Tabasco sauce (plus points though for having it available) in my dish. The curry? Well, curry is not curry if it isn't spicy. It was Filipino-ized. Also, with the dish being a rice topping, it lacked enough sauce to please me. BUT! they gave me extra sauce with no extra charge. Another point in their favor.

Overall, it was good comfort food. Not great but something you'd want to have when you're looking for eats that's not too complicated, something that your mom would have cooked for you."
-- Leigh
"I enjoyed my Café Bola experience. I ordered their specialty, adobo flakes on rice with kesong puti, which is shredded pork pre-marinated in vinegar and soy sauce, fried and served with soft goat cheese on a bed of red rice. Extremely flavorful and delightfully Filipino.

The ambience of Café Bola was also quite appealing. Bright oranges in circles, with screen grabs from classic Filipino films." - Ganns
Cafe Bola....one the first restaurants I've eaten as an employed human being. Best choice for me is their Adobo Shreds with Kesong Puti. Cheese melts in your mouth. Although a bit pricey, it's one of those places you plan your Friday night around for. The place is really spacious, ideal for long chitchats.

We did not try their desserts (since we have a budget) but nonetheless, their Banana Caramel pudding bread is to die for. - Lean

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