Tuesday, February 28, 2006

KFC @ Greenbelt 1

It's finger lickin' good!

After a few days hiatus for the brunch club, off we went to Kentucky's Fried Chicken at Greenbelt 1, Makati.

We shared a bucket meal that consisted of 8 peices of chicken (mixed: original and hot and crispy), 4 sidings (3 coleslaw and 1 mashed potato), 4 rice packets and 4 regular sodas.

I had 2 peices of hot and
crispy chicken, a leg and a wing. The hot and crispy chicken peices were small (a leg and 3 wings) compared to the original recipe (3 breasts and a leg). Mashed potato is always good. I consider it one of the best mashed potato in the Philippines and with the bottomless gravy, it was the absolute best!

The only bad point against this dining experience? The girl behind the counter. She took down our order wrong, twice! We told her "2 mashed potatoes and 2 coleslaw", then she repeats "2 coleslaw, 1 mashed potato and 1 macaroni". And again, we told her "1 Pepsi, 1 Mirinda and 2 Mountain Dew" she then goes "1 Mountain Dew, 2 Mirindas and 1 Pepsi"... DUH!

Anyway, that didn't stop us from enjoying the yummy chicken.
-- Leigh

When God created chicken, seems like Good Ol' Kentucky Colonel was right there to catch them all! KFC is like home. Comfort food abound.

I never get tired of their timeless Original Recipe chicken, juicy and sumptuous chicken meat in every bite. Their gravy is incomparable to none. It's simple divine.

Today, we had a bucket load of chicken. Not really a fan of spicy food, I had the original recipe with a matching fix-in of coleslaw. Their coleslaw is an old favorite of mine as well. Their version has a crunch to it, unlike some of the soggy ones out there.

KFC is Fried Chicken at its finest. - Lean


houseband00 said...

Fantastic-tasting deep fried chicken that has stood the test of time. You definitely cannot stop with only a piece. It's just too tatsy.

There is also something about the gravy that really gets to me and to every one else, I guess. It's peppery but not spicy and yes, it is bottomless. Just try to google for the recipe and you get 37,500 different pages for it.

The Rockwell branch is usually crowded at lunch time but neatness is maintained despite this. It actually has one wall that tells the story (complete with photos, mind you) of Col. Sanders and how KFC started. I usually find myself reading this informative graffiti whenever I'm there. Not that it adds to the ambience, it IS a fast food joint in the first place, but it somehow makes you appreciate the chicken more.

Oh, and there are the numerous horror stories and urban legends about KFC and how they raise the chickens but this is not a conspiracy theory site. =D

Leigh said...

We went to the new KFC branch here in Greenbelt (the one is between Starbucks and Chili's) and since it's a new branch, it's still pretty clean which is definitely a requirement when dining out.

I had a few bad experiences with KFC before coz most of their branches are really old and dirty. Back in college an environmental group surveyed the fast food joints along the Ateneo/Katipunan Strip and KFC topped the list - it was really that bad.

Idj said...

i love eating at any KFC outlet, regardless how many times i find their service lacking. you guys are right, they must have done something to their gravy to make it so finger-lickin' good!!! :-)

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