Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Max's @ Greenbelt 1

The House That Fried Chicken Built or commonly known as Max's was our next stop for this week. I ordered their Budget Chicken Meal which comprised of a quarter of a chicken, rice, macaroni salad, caramel bar and iced tea (or soda). I also ordered my favorite, Fried Lumpiang Ubod which was supposedly my appetizer but with such fast service, they arrived seconds after each other.

lumpiang ubod was yummy as always. The chicken was good but since I got the white meat part, it was dry. The extra's were very good - the macaroni salad and the caramel bar (it was a little small that it should have been called a caramel bite).

The place was clean, the service was fast, food was okay. Overall, it was a good and filling lunch.

-- Leigh
As Papa Piolo said, "Sarap to the bones!"

And indeed it was. At your right is actually my plate. Same as Leigh, I ordered their Budget Chicken Meal. I requested for the leg part since I also hate white meat. I know, I know, it's healthier. But because it's the healthier choice, it's also the blander one :)

Anyhow, I love chicken. I adore everything chicken. Fried, adobo etc. So naturally, when
Max's was picked, it was a no-brainer for me not to veto it.

Their sidings aren't bad too. The macaroni salad is cutely presented and is yummy as well. Too bad the caramel bar is tiny.

Wait for us Papa Piolo...soon we will back! - Lean

My first time to post a review! Yey!
Anyways, like my brunch buddies, I also ordered budget chicken meal. I'm not adventurous enough to try other items on their menu, only to find out later on that I didn't like what I ordered. So to be on the safe side, "I'll have the same please." With 1/4 chix, a cup of plain rice, super tasty macaroni salad, tiny caramel bar & a drink of your choice, paying P135 for the set is not bad! Add to that the great service rendered by the staff -- I'd say it was great value for money!

And now I have to sleep... can't wait for tomorrow's brunch adventure! - Idj


Tina Elaine said...

i love max! they just really know how to innovate filipino dishes! :)

houseband00 said...

I heart Max. Really.

I was weaned on their chicken when I was growing up and it's nice to know that they still use the same delightful recipe and that they have such an extensive menu.


They really should do something about the neatness of the place. There are unappetizing smells and odors that are really reminiscent of carinderias. I suggest they wash their rags and mops often.

kevin said...

One 1/2-spring chicken please!!!